What is the Most Popular HVAC System in Florida?

Split air conditioning systems are the most common type of central air conditioner found in Florida and throughout the United States. Usually, these systems are heat pumps, which are a more sustainable heating and cooling solution than traditional air conditioners. However, due to their higher initial cost, they are not as popular. When it comes to air conditioning systems, Florida has unique requirements due to its hot and humid climate.

The most popular air conditioning systems in the state are central air conditioning systems, ductless or minisplit systems, and heat pumps. Central air conditioning systems are the most widely used type of air conditioning system in the world. The most common form of heating in Florida is a thermal air conditioning strip. A heating element inside the air conditioning unit provides heat during the coldest nights and for short periods of time.

This type of system uses electricity or natural gas to operate and power the thermal band, which can increase energy costs. Heat pumps have a high initial cost and can be difficult to install, requiring a lot of maintenance. Additionally, they can have more problems if the temperature drops too low, as they rely on outside air to create warmer air.

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